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Dominic Dirupo almost 4 years ago
Not just a reddit meme but a hardboiled character study akin to chewing a wasp for 2 hours
Jonathan Prince over 4 years ago
After rating this, I'm going to find the person who recommended and beat them with a shoe.
Raquel Jara almost 7 years ago
Sucks balls
Dylan Clites almost 7 years ago
Good performance by Woody Harrelson in a rather passable movie. Nothing new to see.
wayupnorth 7 years ago
Cop gone wrong. No redeeming features. Depressing.
Josh Persky over 3 years ago
Andrey Cherkashin over 4 years ago
Marco 6 years ago
Asher Kinng over 6 years ago
jose garza over 6 years ago
Tyler Langan over 6 years ago
Ciaran Bourke over 6 years ago
Dave Dave over 6 years ago
Joseph Sleppy almost 7 years ago
tommy mccubbin almost 7 years ago
Andrew K Kirk almost 7 years ago
Neil Spiro almost 7 years ago
dompym almost 7 years ago
Robert Baker 7 years ago
Rampart is a drama film released in 2011. It is being directed by Oren Moverman and stars Ice Cube and Woody Harrelson as Dave Brown. The film is a police drama relating to the Rampart scandal of the 1990's. Its world premier was at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2011.
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