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Freya 3 years ago
Great music!!!
Malory over 3 years ago
amazingly bad
Leif Jacobson 4 years ago
Stupid and a waste of time. A couple laughs that are very far between.
Andrea Ortiz 6 years ago
Every time I see this movie I just want to party
Leah Stone 6 years ago
Why the hell not?
Robyn Hamilton over 6 years ago
A horrible portrayal of debased American youth boorishness passed off as fantasy fulfilled
Luis Uribe over 6 years ago
Fun. A simple/absurd movie. Great soundtrack.
Kakra over 6 years ago
Burak Özsakınç over 6 years ago
amazing movies.
Brendan Keevers over 6 years ago
I've seen better film clips on Channel V than this movie. Also been to better parties. :D
Payton over 6 years ago
no plot at all
Katherine Maradiaga over 6 years ago
Shallow characters, and the party went to unbelievable lengths. Fun to see once.
Lac Riller over 6 years ago
Not exactly a great movie; more of a movie about a great party. Dope soundtrack tho!
Lino Monteiro almost 7 years ago
All hell breaks loose. Depicting the decadence of American youth in a pathetic fashion.
Anj Bantiles almost 7 years ago
I think this should be a prequel to The Hangover.
Charlie Gleason 7 years ago
Ridiculous. But fun. But mostly ridiculous.
Andrew Birt 7 years ago
Pretty damn fun. Looking up the copy cat parties on Wikipedia is almost as fun.
Bevan Clark 7 years ago
was an ok movie, funny in some spots. probably better to go out and have your own fun.
Marcus Crafter 7 years ago
House party to aspire to! :)
Daniel Zuccon 7 years ago
No particular story line. Just a big party.
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