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Ashley Beacom over 5 years ago
excellent, Kirsten Stewart finally comes into her own as Bella, not so wooden
Jack Genius over 5 years ago
Amy Hendriks almost 6 years ago
Still don't like the end.
Fernando Dunn II 6 years ago
The end battle was good I guess, but everything else is embarrassing for a 2012 film.
Mirza Šišić 6 years ago
Michael Cole over 6 years ago
Nevermind the creepy CGI kid and the quasi-pedophile Jacob, but the movie is plain boring
Jane Kenney over 6 years ago
The grand finale of the Love Triangle that made them known to the world.
Kirsten Hildonen almost 7 years ago
Well-staged battle; too bad it's a cop-out. The rest of the movie is barely sensical.
Leah Stone 7 years ago
The previous ones at least made me laugh. This one is the worst film I've ever seen.
Marina Đukanović 7 years ago
A guy that falls in love with a photoshopped baby! Epic! Though, I liked the non-fight :)
Casey Zunker 7 years ago
It was good to see this movie. Now a new fad can start!!
Crisdeniele Hernando Clemente over 7 years ago
Kakra over 7 years ago
7/10 the ending credits had a seven heaven type of thing
Jade Dewyn over 7 years ago
So funny, especially the 'epic' final.
Diogo Almeida over 7 years ago
Sam Bell over 7 years ago
Great end to sequel. Well orchestrated costumes, detail, story &ending
Liz G. Paddock over 7 years ago
I wasn't impressed with the others in the series, but this one was a pleasant surprise.
Meryovi over 7 years ago
The best movie in the Twilight saga. The fight scene was intense.
Maya Hutapea over 7 years ago
The turned-out-to-be-fake final battle won my heart.
Gideon Lade over 7 years ago
it so fresh
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is a drama, fantasy, romance film written by Melissa Rosenberg and directed by Bill Condon.
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