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Nino Vignjevic over 3 years ago
I Am So Proud Of You is a 2008 animated short film by Don Hertzfeldt. It is the second chapter of a planned three-part story about the character Bill and continues the dark and philosophical humor of the first film, Everything Will Be OK. In this chapter, Bill's recovery is haunted by the apparently genetic inevitability of his mental illness, and the lack of control over his own fate. The sudden death of a loved one casts a further shadow over his recovery. The short suggests "simultaneous" connections throughout time, through his strange family history, his childhood, the present, and his (possibly imagined) old age. The theme of lacking control in life and death is underscored by the subtle use of the elements of nature in many of the story's anecdotes: the ocean swallows his half-brother, fires consume a distant relative, electrical bolts are seen in the mind of his grandmother, another relative was known to eat mud (earth), and clouds (air) are used to illustrate the short's...
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