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Michelle Fan almost 7 years ago
Rebel nurses, technology gone rogue and geriatric hackers!
Bloc Silent over 3 years ago
Roujin Z (老人Z, Rōjin Zetto, lit. "Old Man Z") is a 1991 Japanese anime film directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo and written by Katsuhiro Otomo. Roujin Z is set in Japan during the early 21st century. A group of scientists and hospital administrators, under the direction of the Ministry of Public Welfare, have developed the Z-001, a computerized hospital bed with robotic features. The Z-001 takes complete care of the patient: it can dispense food and medicine, remove excretory waste, bathe and exercise the patient lying within its frame. The bed is driven by its own built-in nuclear power reactor — and in the event of an atomic meltdown, the bed (including the patient lying within) would become automatically sealed in concrete. The first patient to be "volunteered" to test the bed is a dying widower named Kiyuro Takazawa. He is an invalid who is cared for by a young nursing student named Haruko. The electronic elements within the Z-001 somehow manage to transcribe Takazawa's thoughts through...
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