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emilio murillo over 6 years ago
Herzog makes it extremely moving and thought-provoking. Not just another Discovery film.
Tiziana Ibba 3 years ago
Nicole McKeon over 3 years ago
azzazel over 4 years ago
Teppo Salminen over 4 years ago
Emily Wigley 5 years ago
Nicole Turney over 5 years ago
Ben Tate over 6 years ago
Bonnie MacKenzie almost 7 years ago
Felipe Lena almost 7 years ago
Jennifer Kaiser almost 7 years ago
Ronan Conway 7 years ago
Antony Kuzmicich over 7 years ago
Jonathan Layton over 7 years ago
Sej Naul over 7 years ago
M W over 7 years ago
J.W. van de Meent almost 8 years ago
Encounters at the End of the World is an American documentary film by Werner Herzog completed in 2007. The film studies people and places in Antarctica. It was released in North America on June 11, 2008, and distributed by THINKFilm. Herzog and cinematographer Peter Zeitlinger go to Antarctica to meet people who live and work there, and to capture footage of the continent's unique locations. Herzog's voiceover narration explains that his film will not be a typical Antarctica film about "fluffy penguins," but will explore the dreams of the people and the landscape. They begin at McMurdo Station and interview some maintenance and support workers, as well as iceberg geologist Douglas MacAyeal. They travel next to a nearby seal camp supervised by zoologist Olav Oftedal. Next they join the film's composer/producer, research diver Henry Kaiser at his diving camp, and interview cell biologist Samuel Bowser and zoologist Jan Pawlowski. Kaiser and Bowser stage a rooftop guitar concert. Herzog...
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