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Noah Rymer 3 years ago
cute film that, as an artist myself, really captured something special.
Nat Voisey over 3 years ago
I loved how this film played out. Going in, I had no idea what I was in for.
Fae almost 4 years ago
I thought this movie was going to be overly sexual, but it was surprisingly good.
Luispah over 4 years ago
Despite the cover, It's a romantic movie, which have good moments, and a few bad ones too.
Gavin Klein over 4 years ago
Kinda cute
Tyler Goetz almost 5 years ago
Originally watched this because of the cover I'm shamed to say, but it turned out great.
Toakyro almost 5 years ago
The nudity is a selling point, a small part of the movie actually, which isn't bad at all
Thomas Waterman over 5 years ago
funny at times, good to see just once. Acting ain't great but we'll live.
Robyn Hamilton over 5 years ago
Total let down. Had much more potential than the actual outcome.
Zach over 5 years ago
It was good but I think they should have told how others can move through Bens frozen time
Kenneth Collins over 5 years ago
Pretty good for such a short movie
Kosala Liyanage over 5 years ago
Another underrated movie that would really surprise you.
Jonas Bergler over 5 years ago
Had pretty low expectations but I was thoroughly blown away. You should watch this film.
Lance Newman over 5 years ago
Truly one of my favorite films. I never get tired of watching it. It is a piece of art.
Kat Albovias de Mesa over 5 years ago
Grant davies almost 6 years ago
very good film
Dylan Evans almost 6 years ago
It's a rare occasion when a film is simply 'good' and nothing more. ...Huh.
emilio murillo almost 6 years ago
Though the premise was good, the ending turned out to be corny. I thought it'd be better.
Meryovi almost 6 years ago
Don't let the cover fool you. Great movie. Funny and sort of deep at the same time.
Sebastian almost 6 years ago
"The bad news is that time flies - that good news is that you're the pilot."
Cashback is the name of two films directed by Sean Ellis: a 2004 short film and a 2006 feature film. Both were produced by Lene Bausager, starring Sean Biggerstaff and Emilia Fox. The feature was released by Magnolia Pictures in late 2006 and also starred Michelle Ryan. Gaumont and Left Turn Films produced both films. Ben, an aspiring artist, develops insomnia after a painful breakup with his girlfriend, Suzy. To take his mind off of Suzy and to deal with the extra hours he has recently gained, Ben begins working at a local Sainsbury's supermarket, where he meets colourful co-workers. Among them is his colleague Sharon, with whom he soon develops a mutual crush. As his personal means to escape the boredom inherent in the night shift, Ben lets his imagination run wild. In particular, he imagines that he can stop time so that he can walk around in a world that is "frozen" like the pause of a film. He imagines female patrons of the supermarket stopped in time, allowing him to undress and...
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