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Eric Brainard over 1 year ago
Really not bad but it needed more character development for both sides. Better out there.
Malory almost 4 years ago
so so bad
Fabiola Givens over 4 years ago
Not bad but forgettable.
Freya over 4 years ago
Ew ew ewww!
Jay Jones over 5 years ago
Just gorey with no real plot
Ivan D'souza almost 6 years ago
They all seem to copy Friday the 13th again and again and again.. Waste of time..
Henke almost 6 years ago
A new take on a old story!
LANX 12 months ago
Lauren Armstrong over 1 year ago
Kayleigh Marie Edwards almost 2 years ago
cyrax36 over 2 years ago
cervv almost 4 years ago
Alice Albescu almost 4 years ago
Kieran Lyne 4 years ago
Andrey Cherkashin almost 5 years ago
Ali over 5 years ago
gylan o'brien over 5 years ago
Hayley over 5 years ago
Psyco over 5 years ago
Wrong Turn is a 2003 American action horror film, directed by Rob Schmidt, and written by Alan B. McElroy. The film was shot in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and stars Desmond Harrington and Eliza Dushku. It is the first film in the Wrong Turn franchise which has since grown to include three direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray sequels. Two college students, Halley Smith (Yvonne Gaudry) and Rich Stoker (Joel Harris), are rock climbing in the West Virginia Forest. Rich reaches the top, while Halley continues to climb. After Halley begins to struggle, she notices Rich's bloodied hand at the top of the cliff before his body is thrown off the cliff. Someone begins to pull Halley up the cliff by her climbing rope. She cuts it, making her fall. She attempts to escape to her car but trips over barbed wire before being pulled back into the woods by an unseen force. Chris Flynn (Desmond Harrington), a medical student, is driving through the mountains of West Virginia on his way to a job interview. Due to a...
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