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Rachel Marshall 5 months ago
Jumps through time a bit but balances comedy and melodrama quite well
John Mitchell almost 3 years ago
Aggressively sentimental but superbly acted and fairly funny.
Lachie Munro over 3 years ago
Entertaining. Nothing special.
Michael Cole almost 7 years ago
Those magnolias were bronze at best.
Abriel Jenshus 3 months ago
Viktoria Kareva almost 2 years ago
Manu almost 2 years ago
Alice Albescu over 3 years ago
Brie over 3 years ago
Lacey Shinn over 4 years ago
Hope Triplett over 4 years ago
Tom o'brien almost 5 years ago
Veronica Boyce almost 5 years ago
William Helwig almost 5 years ago
maddie almost 5 years ago
Thin Mint almost 5 years ago
Victoria Roe 5 years ago
Sasha over 5 years ago
Maria Kanno over 5 years ago
Steel Magnolias is a 1989 American comedy-drama film directed by Herbert Ross that stars Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis, Dolly Parton, Daryl Hannah and Julia Roberts. The film is about the bond among a group of women from a parish in the Natchitoches, Louisiana, area. The movie is based on a 1987 play Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling, which in turn dealt with the playwright's experience with the death of his sister. The title suggests the main female characters can be as delicate as magnolias, but are as tough as steel. The magnolia specifically references a magnolia tree they are arguing about at the beginning. Annelle Dupuy (Daryl Hannah), a recent beauty school graduate, is hired by Truvy Jones (Dolly Parton) to work in her home-based beauty salon. M'Lynn Eatenton (Sally Field), a good friend of Truvy's, and her daughter, Shelby (Julia Roberts), arrive at Truvy's to prepare for Shelby's wedding which is taking place later that day. Also arriving at the salon are...
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