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Leif Jacobson over 3 years ago
Super funny for middle schoolers.
Dónal Kennedy over 3 years ago
High hit-rate, very inventive spoof. Easy to forgive its failings.
Freddie Kay over 3 years ago
"It's not supposed to be serious!"
Kakra almost 7 years ago
4/10 somewhat funny
Dylan Clites 7 years ago
It's better than the second or the fourth one, but still a rather stupid affair.
Don Lathrop 5 months ago
Rachel Marshall 9 months ago
Justinas Jarukaitis over 1 year ago
cyrax36 2 years ago
Sandra Padilla over 2 years ago
Miranda Wright over 2 years ago
Dan almost 3 years ago
Deanna Colt 3 years ago
May Lisbon 3 years ago
Hiram Soto over 3 years ago
Raffaela Px Scarano almost 4 years ago
Yasin Çidem almost 4 years ago
Kieran Lyne almost 4 years ago
Rafael Santos 4 years ago
Scary Movie 3 is a 2003 American science fiction comedy film, which parodies the horror, sci-fi, and mystery genres, directed by David Zucker. It is the third film of the Scary Movie franchise, as well as the first to have no involvement from the Wayans family. This is most evident as the film's content is less vulgar than the previous films, and the characters of Shorty Meeks and Ray Wilkins do not appear, nor are they referenced. The film's plot significantly parodies the films The Ring, Signs, The Matrix and 8 Mile. It is also the first film in the series to star Leslie Nielsen. The film's plot is introduced by two girls, Katie (Jenny McCarthy) and Becca (Pamela Anderson), meeting a gruesome supernatural demise seven days after having watched a cursed videotape. In a farm outside Washington D.C., widowed farmer and former reverend Tom Logan (Charlie Sheen) and his clumsy and easily discouraged brother George (Simon Rex) discover a crop circle in their fields. The "circle" actually...
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