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Aaron Jones over 2 years ago
Stop me if you've heard this one: Hitchcock masterfully binds you into the suspense...
Noah Rymer almost 4 years ago
Ingrid Bergman is really impressive in a very progressive role for a woman in the 40's.
Austin 6 years ago
Perhaps the best film Hitchcock made during the 40's
Jonathan Evans over 6 years ago
It's great to be in the grasp of the master of suspense, and Cary Grant is just too cool.
Jonathan Gibson over 6 years ago
Not perhaps my favourite but Bergman's great and Claude Rains' character is fascinating.
Robyn Hamilton almost 7 years ago
Yet another film I remember liking but can't remember now despite watching not long ago
Anthony Kozlowski 7 years ago
A perfectly paced masterpiece, driven by unnerving and subtle performances. Woo Hitchcock!
Don Lathrop 6 months ago
Michelle Roussell over 1 year ago
Annalisa Schettino over 2 years ago
Tony Esie almost 4 years ago
Ryan 4 years ago
Lisa Harms over 4 years ago
Josh Boggs over 4 years ago
Jack R. Deso almost 5 years ago
Andrew Fishman almost 5 years ago
Nicolaus Miller almost 5 years ago
Notorious is a 1946 American thriller film directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman and Claude Rains as three people whose lives become intimately entangled during an espionage operation. It was shot in late 1945 and early 1946, and was released by RKO in August 1946. Notorious marks a watershed for Hitchcock artistically, and represents a heightened thematic maturity. His biographer, Donald Spoto, writes that "Notorious is in fact Alfred Hitchcock's first attempt—at the age of forty-six—to bring his talents to the creation of a serious love story, and its story of two men in love with Ingrid Bergman could only have been made at this stage of his life." The film is known for two scenes in particular. In one of his most famous shots, Hitchcock starts wide and high on a second floor balcony overlooking the great hall of a grand mansion. Slowly he tracks down and in on Ingrid Bergman, finally ending with a tight close-up of a key tucked in her hand....
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