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Eric Ratzlaff almost 6 years ago
Siona Cameron 6 years ago
Intermission is a 2003 Irish comedy crime film directed by John Crowley which tells a story of a young couple and people surrounding them. The film is set in Dublin, Ireland and is filmed in a TV drama style with several storylines crossing over one another during the course of the film. Mark O'Rowe wrote the screenplay for this black comedy, set in Dublin, which is shot in a documentary-like style. Lehiff (Colin Farrell) is a petty criminal always involved in trouble. Lehiff’s nemesis, Garda Detective Jerry Lynch (Colm Meaney) presents himself as a savior who fights the "scumbags" on Dublin’s streets, and enlists the help of Ben Campion (Tomas O'Suilleabhain), an ambitious film-maker and the bane of his "go-softer" boss, who considers Lynch too nasty a subject to be shown on a mainstream “docusoap” series on Irish terrestrial TV. Ben is told to focus his attention on Sally (Shirley Henderson), who helped passengers after their double-decker bus crashes on its side. Sally is deeply...
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