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Michael Cole almost 5 years ago
Awesome choreography, but has a lackluster story with a disappointing final fight.
tiailds 6 years ago
It's alright if the only Ip Man movie, but the others put this one to shame.
Luis Batalha over 4 years ago
Alex Koenig over 5 years ago
Liam Williams over 5 years ago
a.skurihin almost 6 years ago
sanados almost 6 years ago
Abriel Jenshus almost 6 years ago
Jerianne Paul 6 years ago
Juan Manuel 6 years ago
siy over 6 years ago
Tarık Demirci over 6 years ago
Marcin Natanek almost 7 years ago
Carlos Lopes over 7 years ago
David Eriksson over 7 years ago
Shane Hanna over 7 years ago
The Legend is Born – Ip Man is a 2010 Hong Kong semi-biographical martial arts film based on the events in the early life of Wing Chun master Yip Man (also spelled as Ip Man). The film's story is not related to Wilson Yip's Ip Man starring Donnie Yen; however both Sammo Hung and Fan Siu-wong are featured in the film, but introduced as alternate characters. The film was directed by Herman Yau and stars Dennis To in the title role as Yip Man. One of the highlights of the film is a special appearance by Ip Chun, son of Yip Man, who plays Leung Bik in the film. The film focuses on Yip Man's early life and the story of how he learned the martial arts style of Wing Chun. In contrast, Ip Man and Ip Man 2 focus on the events in his life that took place during the Second Sino-Japanese War and after he moved to Hong Kong. As a child, Ip Man learns Wing Chun from Chan Wah-shun together with Ip Tin-chi (Ip Man's adopted brother) and Lee Mei-wai. After Chan's death from an illness, Ip Man...
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