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Sanjay Sathyan over 1 year ago
great watch, weird and sexual and violent but still one of the best vampire movies.
Robyn Hamilton 3 years ago
Eerie and creepy take on vampire tale but the last act was too much.
Maria Ivanova almost 4 years ago
Very well shot and very weird. I liked it.
Gabi Dincă over 4 years ago
Very original take on the vampire subject. Recommended!
Henry Cropper over 4 years ago
unique take on vampire movie. If you've caught the v bug and need a little different.
Kam-Hung Soh over 4 years ago
Horror and crime with some deadpan humour.
Jules almost 5 years ago
Fantastic hommage to "Therese Raquin" included in a horror masterpiece
Imran Ahmad almost 6 years ago
Best vampire movie
Zach Sly 6 years ago
An excellent vampire film that is beautifully shot and acted. The third act is too much.
Alexis Zofia Kubicki almost 3 years ago
Eric 4 years ago
LexV almost 5 years ago
Daniela 5 years ago
angie over 5 years ago
Nino Vignjevic over 5 years ago
Amanda Allen over 5 years ago
rockway250 almost 6 years ago
Jan Wierzbowski almost 6 years ago
Lou almost 6 years ago
Fox Maggot 6 years ago
Thirst (Korean: 박쥐; Bakjwi; literally: Bat) is a 2009 horror/drama film, written, produced and directed by Park Chan-wook. It is loosely based on the novel Thérèse Raquin by Émile Zola. The film tells the story of a priest—who is in love with his friend’s wife—turning into a vampire through a failed medical experiment. Park has stated, "This film was originally called 'The Bat' to convey a sense of horror. After all, it is about vampires. But it is also more than that. It is about passion and a love triangle. I feel that it is unique because it is not just a thriller, and not merely a horror film, but an illicit love story as well." It is the first mainstream Korean film to feature full-frontal adult male nudity (but not the first-ever commercially-released South Korean film to do so: that distinction goes to the 2006 film No Regret). The film won the Jury Prize at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. Sang-hyun is a Catholic priest who volunteers at the hospital, providing ministry to the...
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