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Henke almost 7 years ago
they should have stopped after number 2
Nemo Tresa almost 8 years ago
This is a freaking insult to everyone who knows the original movies.
Mennah Ahmed Maher over 2 years ago
Zan over 2 years ago
Mandy Allen over 2 years ago
Johanna 3 years ago
Lucia Straňovská over 3 years ago
Kadi over 4 years ago
Ben Dauphinee over 4 years ago
Phetcharat almost 5 years ago
Jasmina Brežnjak over 5 years ago
Laura Vastenavont over 5 years ago
Jack Genius over 5 years ago
paula l over 5 years ago
Victoria Roe over 5 years ago
Marharyta Petrenko almost 6 years ago
Hannah Newman 6 years ago
Felicitas Keclach over 6 years ago
Marissa Chang over 6 years ago
Thomas Waterman over 6 years ago
Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House is a TV movie that premiered on ABC on November 3rd 2002 and is the fourth and final installment in the Home Alone film series. The film stars Mike Weinberg as Kevin McCallister, replacing Macaulay Culkin. French Stewart plays Marv Merchants, who was one of the Wet/Sticky Bandits previously played by Daniel Stern in the first two films. The film was directed by Rod Daniel and released on October 20, 2003 on DVD. It was shot in Rondebosch, a prominent suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. Although Kevin was supposed to be age 9 in the early 1990s in this movie (instead of age 10 as he was in Home Alone 2), the movie referenced culture and technology from the late 1990s. A PlayStation game console (released in September 1995) is featured in the movie. While Kevin burns a CD to playback Marv's voice at Vera, he should have used an audio cassette since burnable CDs weren't released to the consumer market until the late 1990s. Also, a mid-to-late 1990s...
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