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Luna Lovegood almost 5 years ago
cute and enthralling and… i loved it even though there's a hetero love story
Paula Sullaj almost 6 years ago
Funny, cute, romantic. I never get tired of watching it
Marcus Miller almost 7 years ago
South-Korean Amelie with a touch less charm. Su-Jeong Lim needs to have my babies.
Annalisa Schettino over 2 years ago
Phetcharat 4 years ago
Damian Campo over 4 years ago
We's Kbul 5 years ago
Diogo Seca over 5 years ago
Ecem Çınar 6 years ago
Chelsea Greer over 6 years ago
Carlos Mythos Vazquez over 6 years ago
Daniela Cunha over 6 years ago
Felix Arntz over 6 years ago
Anthony Simons over 6 years ago
三度 イッチ over 6 years ago
Ana Karina Ochoa almost 7 years ago
Paul McCamley 7 years ago
Mimi King 7 years ago
I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (Korean: 싸이보그지만 괜찮아; Ssaibogeujiman Gwaenchanha) is a 2006 South Korean romantic comedy directed by Park Chan-wook. The film takes place mostly in a mental institution filled with an eclectic menagerie of patients. Young-goon, a young woman working in a factory constructing radios and who believes herself to be a cyborg, is institutionalised after cutting her wrist and connecting it with a power cord to a wall outlet in an attempt to "recharge" herself, an act that is interpreted as a suicide attempt. Her delusion is characterised by refusing to eat, (she instead licks batteries and attempts to administer electric shocks to herself,) conversing almost solely with machines and electrical appliances and obsessively listening to her transistor radio at night for instruction on how to become a better cyborg. Her apathetic mother is interviewed by the institute's head doctor, to determine the roots of Young-goon's psychosis; despite claiming ignorances of her...
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