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8/10 Enjoyable
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Carrie is a 2002 horror television film based on the novel Carrie by Stephen King, originally intended as a pilot for a TV series in which Carrie moves to Florida to help others with telekinetic problems, which never materialized. NBC executives were hoping the series idea would follow the success of an earlier similar effort, The Dead Zone, but due to poor ratings, NBC soon dropped the idea of the Carrie TV Series. Therefore, the movie stands today on its own as a "modern" version of the original story. This version of Carrie has only been released on Region 1 DVD. The film begins in a police station. Several people, including high school senior Sue Snell and gym teacher Ms. Desjarden, are being interviewed by a detective about the disappearance of high school senior Carrie White. The film then flashes back to one week before the prom at Ewen High School. The popular girls at school constantly harass Carrie, with Chris Hargensen being especially vicious. After gym class, Carrie has...
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