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Zenon: The Zequel is a 2001 Disney Channel Original Movie and the second installment of the Disney Channel's "Zenon" television film series, following the first installment, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, and preceding Zenon: Z3. Zenon Kar, 15, is two years older in 2051 but none the wiser about the dangers of meddling, but when she shows Nebula a new game and how to play it she in advertenly empties out Commander Planks Office and is assigned work detail in the Alien patrol lab. Worse The Space Station is now under Command of the Military and General Hammond is assigned to Command the Station and boots Commander plank out of his Office. Even more worse he assignes Zenon to look after his Daughter who turnes out to be her old Nemises Margy who's demanding and threatens to have her Dad kick Zenon and her Family off the Space Station if Zenon doesn't obey her. Zenon then discovers that her space station is being decommissioned and seeks down to Earth to try and stop it, but Margy...
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