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Robbie Crossfield over 6 years ago
Some serious ass kicking
Rhett Dashwood over 7 years ago
(Last 40mins) A yellow jumpsuit and the little guy beating the big guy. (Laughable double)
Don Lathrop 10 months ago
Rob almost 6 years ago
Daniela almost 6 years ago
Anders Klingsheim over 6 years ago
Ralph Jackson almost 7 years ago
Henke almost 7 years ago
Aleksandar Jovanovic over 7 years ago
Ciaran Bourke over 7 years ago
Ed Wong over 7 years ago
Derek Andersen over 7 years ago
Tracy Anderson over 7 years ago
Daniel Jones over 7 years ago
Pop Paul over 7 years ago
John Barton almost 8 years ago
Dion Paragas almost 8 years ago
The Game of Death (traditional Chinese: 死亡的遊戲; simplified Chinese: 死亡的游戏; Mandarin Pinyin: Sǐwáng dé Yóuxì; Jyutping: Sei5 Mong4 Dik1 Jau4 Hei3) is a 1972 film starring Bruce Lee. It was almost the last film Bruce Lee had planned to be the demonstration piece of his martial art Jeet Kune Do. Over 100 minutes of footage was shot before his death, some of which was later misplaced in the Golden Harvest archives. The remaining footage has been released with Bruce Lee's original English and Cantonese dialogue, with John Little dubbing Bruce Lee's Hai Tien character as part of the documentary entitled Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey. Most of the footage which was shot is from what was to be the centerpiece of the film, which was to be co-produced (with Raymond Chow), written and directed by Lee. During filming The Game of Death Bruce Lee received an offer to star in Enter the Dragon. The first kung fu film to be produced by a Hollywood studio, and with a budget unprecedented for the genre....
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