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Aaron Jones almost 3 years ago
Spielberg's talent is there to see in his début. Great, especially for a TV movie.
Austin over 3 years ago
It's a goofy premise, but incredibly well-executed; Spielberg's talent is obvious.
Robert Stuart almost 5 years ago
Early Stephen Spielberg. A "road trip" from Hell.
Rosalio Galvan almost 6 years ago
simple, and intense
Taylor Reginald Wright over 7 years ago
Steven Spielberg's film debut is stunning. A sharply directed and intense thriller.
Kakra over 7 years ago
8.5/10 suspenseful
Davide MrBlonde 11 months ago
Alex Silver over 2 years ago
Daniel McCoy almost 3 years ago
Scott Hume 4 years ago
Andrew Dennison over 4 years ago
Randy Dumont almost 5 years ago
frank mint 5 years ago
Eric Ratzlaff over 6 years ago
Henke almost 7 years ago
Devon almost 7 years ago
James Reid almost 7 years ago
Duel is a 1971 television film about a terrified motorist (played by Dennis Weaver) on a remote and lonely road being chased and stalked by the unseen driver of a tanker truck. It was written by Richard Matheson, based on his own short story, and directed by Steven Spielberg in his feature film directing debut. David Mann (Dennis Weaver) is a middle-aged Los Angeles electronics salesman driving his Plymouth Valiant on a business trip. On a two-lane highway in the California desert, he encounters a grimy and rusty Peterbilt 281 tanker truck, traveling slower than the speed limit and expelling thick plumes of sooty diesel exhaust. Mann passes the unsightly truck, which promptly roars past him and then slows down. Mann passes the truck a second time and is startled when it suddenly issues a long air horn blast. The truck follows him into a filling station. While there, Mann makes a phone call to his wife (Jacqueline Scott), who is upset with him for not confronting one of their friends...
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