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Michael Cole over 1 year ago
Not nearly as good as I remember it
Claudia González almost 4 years ago
Beautiful in all the possible ways, awesome actings and writing. Poetry turned into a film
Noah Rymer over 4 years ago
incredible action combined with compelling drama. Hard to rematch because of length.
Tony Gandía almost 5 years ago
A majestic feat in moviemaking; soaring, thrilling, astonishing.
Jack Genius 5 years ago
Well made.
J.H. Howes over 6 years ago
It's a visually stunning opera. Not a great action film, but a decent romantic one.
Kyle Birrer almost 7 years ago
Absolutely amazing, a brilliant Japanese fairy tale
Dominique Laurion almost 7 years ago
An artistically beautiful martial arts epic, one of the best.
Peter Renshaw almost 7 years ago
too much sword, not enough Kung-Fu
Henke 7 years ago
Beautiful but at the same time a very boring movie
Ivan D'souza 7 years ago
The martial arts sequences are all fantasy & beautifully rendered. More of a romance tale.
Grant davies 7 years ago
Just watch It please. I love this movie
Z over 7 years ago
This is worse than the plague. One of the worst martial arts film in existence.
Tavis over 7 years ago
Loved. At the time, it was unlike anything I'd seen before. It's been overdone since.
Jonathan Sundqvist over 7 years ago
Excellent photo. It's a joy watching this movie
Kakra almost 8 years ago
Juan Lozano almost 8 years ago
the masters quarrel, we enjoy
Rebecca Bateman almost 8 years ago
Anthony Kozlowski almost 8 years ago
Every time I see this movie, I love it. But I can't remember it at all afterwards.
Glen Maddern over 8 years ago
Not sure what all the fuss is about, tbh.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a 2000 wuxia film. An American-Chinese-Hong Kong-Taiwanese co-production, the film was directed by Ang Lee and featured an international cast of ethnic Chinese actors, including Chow Yun-Fat, Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Ziyi, and Chang Chen. The film was based on the fourth novel in a pentalogy, known in China as the Crane Iron Pentalogy, by wuxia novelist Wang Dulu. The martial arts and action sequences were choreographed by Yuen Wo Ping. Made on a mere US$15 million budget, with dialogue in Mandarin, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon became a surprise international success, grossing $213.5 million. It grossed US$128 million in the United States, becoming the highest-grossing foreign-language film in American history. It has won over 40 awards. The film won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (Taiwan) and three other Academy Awards, and was nominated for six other Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The film also won three BAFTAs and two...
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