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Jennifer Kaiser almost 3 years ago
Michael Cole over 5 years ago
Loved the competitions to "out-act" one another, but the film did start to be repetitious
Zach Sly over 6 years ago
A lesson on passive aggressive tendencies. Somewhat funny, fairly boring, very British.
William Pecover almost 8 years ago
Very amusing, definitely worth watching
David McKinstry almost 8 years ago
I imagine that this is what a road trip with my best friend would be like.....sort of
ARTISTNPOET 2 years ago
Matthew Turner over 2 years ago
Niaal Holder over 2 years ago
Matt Campbell over 2 years ago
Carol Tilley 3 years ago
Artie Fasciani over 4 years ago
Jesse Beatson over 4 years ago
Neil Loamas over 4 years ago
Josh Persky almost 5 years ago
Sheng Zou almost 5 years ago
Scott Julian 5 years ago
Tim Yates over 5 years ago
frank mint over 5 years ago
The Trip is a British comedy film, edited from the BAFTA award-winning television sitcom series of the same name. The film stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as fictionalised versions of themselves undertaking a restaurant tour of northern England. It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2010. The Trip is a follow-up to the 2006 film A Cock and Bull Story, which features the same fictional versions of Coogan and Brydon and is also directed by Michael Winterbottom. Coogan and Brydon play fictionalised versions of themselves in a continuation of their performances in Michael Winterbottom's 2006 film, A Cock and Bull Story. In an interview with The Guardian, Steve Coogan said: In an attempt to impress his American girlfriend, Mischa, Steve Coogan accepts a commission from Sunday newspaper, The Observer to go on a restaurant tour of the north of England for a column in their monthly food magazine. However, when Mischa (who was supposed to accompany Steve on the...
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