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Michael Cole almost 4 years ago
Corny, but not without its charm
Luke Duncan almost 4 years ago
Cheesy but funny.
Hannah Newman over 4 years ago
Clever animated comedy that children and adults can enjoy.
Rowan Humphreys almost 6 years ago
good but...just....just not funny
Charlie Alcock over 6 years ago
Rarely are films so unashamedly silly. Like a Python film for kids.
Debbie Whitley over 6 years ago
Not the best kids movie I've seen, funny in parts, but just a little dull. Nice animation.
Renard Bansale over 6 years ago
Actually quite enjoyable. Voice acting and dialogue was more fun than the thin storyline
Dylan Clites almost 7 years ago
There's a million jokes for every minute of this movie. Definitely a fun watch.
Tim Jules Hull almost 7 years ago
such wit, what larks, oooo the details
Lucas Silva-Myles almost 7 years ago
Nice brand of humor that isn't common in the world of (animated) comedy.
Christian Mandujano almost 7 years ago
The film lacked a world view and the crazy good time it promised.
Ivana almost 7 years ago
really beautiful, without the "exra stuff" they put in animation movies in Hollywood!
dayana 1 year ago
Miranda Wright over 1 year ago
Chris Majchrzak almost 2 years ago
Emily Howard-Kishi over 2 years ago
Karen Hawkes over 2 years ago
Anastasia over 2 years ago
Madison McLeod over 3 years ago
Pirates! is a 2012 animated film directed by Peter Lord.
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