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Elephant White is a 2011 action-thriller film starring Djimon Hounsou and Kevin Bacon. Filming took place in Bangkok, Thailand. American mercenary Curtie Church (Hounsou) is completing a job in Thailand when 14-year-old child prostitute, Mae, witnesses Church kill a group her captor Chang Cao gang members and frame the Jong Ang Gang. Church sees her, but decides to flee the scene. Word reaches Chang Cao Gang advisor, Bhun, that the Jong Ang have broken the truce. However, it seems suspicious that a bomb was used as that is unlike the Jong Ang. Church collects his payment for the job from his client, Rajahdon, whose daughter was murdered. Church then goes to a club which Jimmy the Brit (Bacon) is visiting, however upon seeing Church, Jimmy flees the premises thinking he is there to kill him. Church eventually catches Jimmy and explains that he was not the target, and he just wanted to buy some weapons. They drive to Jimmy's warehouse where Church purchases a sniper rifle. Church...
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