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Itsa Westy over 7 years ago
Inconsistent animation is NOT a good idea in a movie. The worst CGI I have ever seen.
Wilma Monaghan over 7 years ago
I am not fond of the main animation, really enjoyed the use of different types
Don Lathrop 11 months ago
Giuseppe Mangialardi over 3 years ago
Nicola Grosu 4 years ago
Jake Boone over 6 years ago
fendor over 6 years ago
Julian Liby over 6 years ago
Diego Caballero almost 7 years ago
aizzia 7 years ago
Ronan Conway over 7 years ago
Kevin Jackson over 7 years ago
Abhijiet Moon over 7 years ago
Victoria Goulborn over 7 years ago
Trevor Myatt over 7 years ago
daniel montoya over 7 years ago
Tama Chan over 7 years ago
Taylor Wyatt almost 8 years ago
Elliot Slade almost 8 years ago
Dead Space: Aftermath is an animated film that bridges the storyline between Dead Space and Dead Space 2. When contact with the USG Ishimura and the Aegis VII colony is lost, the Concordance Extraction Corporation sends the ship USG O'Bannon to investigate. But the corporation loses contact with the O'Bannon as well. The Marine battleship Abraxis portals to and docks with the O'Bannon. Five marines board the ship and see dead mutilated bodies. Their scanners detect four people still alive in engineering. The marines make their way to engineering and meet the survivors: Nicholas Kuttner, a security officer; Alejandro Borgas, an engineer with a robotic arm; Nolan Stross, chief science officer; and Isabella Cho, chief medical officer. Kuttner kills one of the marines. The marines incapacitate them and take them to the Abraxus. The Abraxus then destroys the O'Bannon and portals out of the Aegis system. The four find themselves in a holding cell on the Abraxus, heading to the Sprawl, a...
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