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Rosalio Galvan over 3 years ago
too much melodrama
Jack Genius over 5 years ago
Read the book! It's so much better!
Robyn Hamilton over 6 years ago
Stunning performances, cinematography and mise-en-scene. Pervading sense of melancholia
Jo Ho over 7 years ago
Ed Wong over 7 years ago
Beautiful cinematography in parts. Cool wardrobe. Sooooooooo depressing.
Annalisa Schettino almost 2 years ago
Justinas Jarukaitis over 2 years ago
Tiziano Iasevoli almost 3 years ago
Emma Fitzgerald almost 5 years ago
Phetcharat almost 5 years ago
Nicolas Baña almost 5 years ago
Pachecolilium Fp over 5 years ago
Lowfill Tarmak over 5 years ago
Cara Crocker over 6 years ago
Tyler Nicholson over 6 years ago
Mariya Rybak over 6 years ago
Ingrid Segrov over 6 years ago
Federico Touriñan almost 7 years ago
Norwegian Wood (ノルウェイの森, Noruwei no mori) is a Japanese drama film directed by Tran Anh Hung, based on Haruki Murakami's novel of the same name. The film was released in Japan on 11 December 2010. Toru Watanabe is a quiet and serious young man in 1960s Tokyo whose personal life is in tumult, having lost his best friend Kizuki after he inexplicably commits suicide. Seeking an escape, Toru enters a university in Tokyo. By chance, during a walk in a park, Toru meets Kizuki's ex-girlfriend Naoko, and they grow close. Naoko is devastated by the loss of Kizuki, however, and spirals into a deep depression. After Naoko's 20th birthday, which she shares with Toru, she withdraws from the world and leaves for a sanitarium in a remote forest setting near Kyoto. Toru is anguished by the situation, as he still has deep feelings for Naoko, but she is unable to reciprocate. He also lives with the influence of death everywhere, while Naoko feels as if some integral part of her has been permanently...
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