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Leif Jacobson over 4 years ago
Seriously brutal Australian horror film. A must for fans of the genre.
Lachie Munro 5 years ago
Seriously, the most messed up thing I have ever seen.
Obi Xan Statham over 5 years ago
Though not worth a rewatch, this is certainly better that 90% of today's horror. Try it.
Devon over 5 years ago
Very disturbing!
Grant davies almost 7 years ago
bloody and good
Niklas Pivic 7 years ago
As a whole, this film is quite scary and altogether well made. Kudos!
Andrea Cowan almost 8 years ago
A great gross-out kiwi film.
Tim Jules Hull almost 8 years ago
that's horror all-right
Neil Cooke 8 years ago
Grisly, horrible, funny, yuck! Wolf Creek meets Summer Heights High!
Dominic Dirupo 8 years ago
Carrie meets Saw; not as good as either. Film is a padded out version of the 2 min trailer
monika angel over 1 year ago
Brentt Nerves over 2 years ago
Davide MrBlonde almost 3 years ago
cervv 4 years ago
Mark Henry almost 5 years ago
LexV almost 5 years ago
Jonathan Ray Mitchell over 5 years ago
Carter Alyaseri over 5 years ago
Csilla Markó 6 years ago
Felicitas Keclach over 6 years ago
"Anyone who has been following trends in world cinema cannot deny that there are a lot of new voices emerging from down under. Greg Mclean Wolf Creek, Rogue. Neil Armfield Candy. Midnight Madness was served with a one-two punch last year with the great documentary on Ozploitation - Not Quite Hollywood - and Jon Hewitt's slow burn thriller Acolytes. A new voice can now be added to this new: Sean Byrne who makes his feature film debut with The Loved Ones. I cannot quite place my finger on what draws me to Australian cinema. Aussie cinema feels to me quite familiar yet slightly exotic. Perhaps it is the unrestrained nature of the stories; like Paul Goldman's Surburban Mayhem. Australia also has those amazing wide open vistas that lend themselves to great photography and if the Midnight Madness programme brochure is any indication, The Loved Ones will also showcase amazing cinematography. Don't take my word for it, Midnight Madness alumni Simon Barrett (the screenwriter of Dead Birds)...
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