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Daniel Jones almost 3 years ago
Tremendously funny. Great cast and infinitely underrated. Definitely give it a try.
oscar diaz over 3 years ago
A bit Cliche but good nonetheless.
Dylan Clites almost 7 years ago
Ed Helms is really strong in this comedy with a whole lot of heart. A great indie darling.
Becky over 4 years ago
Rory Banks almost 5 years ago
bbing over 5 years ago
jvol 6 years ago
Thomas Upton over 6 years ago
Tim Smith over 6 years ago
Matthew Smith over 6 years ago
Cody almost 7 years ago
Steven Bruce almost 7 years ago
Nathan T. 7 years ago
Mike Graham 7 years ago
Chris Edwards over 7 years ago
Mark Menard over 7 years ago
Matthew Butler over 7 years ago
Danial Pearce over 7 years ago
Cedar Rapids is a 2011 American comedy film directed by Miguel Arteta. The script, written by Phil Johnston, was included on the 2009 Blacklist, a Hollywood list of the most popular unproduced screenplays of the year. Naive and idealistic insurance agent Tim Lippe has led a sheltered life and hasn't encountered all that others have; the movie is about his becoming more aware of his cocoon and moving out of it. At the beginning, he is shown welcoming a former teacher into his home, addressing her as Mrs. Vanderhei, and promptly having sex with her. Afterwards, he reminisces about his experiences as her student. In his position as an insurance agent, he is sent to represent his company (Brownstar Insurance) at a regional conference in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Lippe is sent as a replacement for his co-worker, Roger Lemke, who dies in an auto-erotic asphyxiation accident. Tim idolized Roger, believing that his death was merely an unfortunate accident, and that he embodied all it was to be...
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