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Michael Cole over 3 years ago
Boring story and characters
Leif Jacobson 5 years ago
A well done, slow-burning character drama. Technically excellent and supremely atmospheric
zorlack over 5 years ago
An old-school character-first crime drama. Nicely done, if a little simple.
Niklas Pivic 7 years ago
I like films with a bit of space in them, but this is really just void and null. Avoid.
Dominic Dirupo over 7 years ago
Well made with the frame constantly at work. Not an action movie
Paul Flanaghan over 7 years ago
Beautifully filmed, atmospheric wth measured pace, ultimatly worth it
Richard Lipovsky almost 8 years ago
Seen this a while ago, very boring, without drive, awful dialogues. Not recommended
Don Lathrop 12 months ago
Michelle Roussell almost 2 years ago
N B almost 3 years ago
Artie Fasciani over 4 years ago
Marc Hyde over 4 years ago
Mohammed Orz over 4 years ago
Rafael Santos over 4 years ago
Brian H almost 5 years ago
Michael 5 years ago
Andrey Cherkashin over 5 years ago
Shawn Balcomb over 5 years ago
Ivana over 5 years ago
The American is a 2010 American thriller film directed by Anton Corbijn and starring George Clooney, Thekla Reuten, Violante Placido, Irina Björklund, and Paolo Bonacelli. It is an adaptation of the 1990 novel A Very Private Gentleman by Martin Booth. The film opened on September 1, 2010. Jack (George Clooney), a gunsmith, is relaxing in a remote cabin in Sweden with his lover, Ingrid (Irina Björklund). As they walk on a frozen lake, Jack detects a sniper, who opens fire as the couple run to safety. Jack kills the sniper and then Ingrid, as well as another armed man on a nearby road. He then flees to Rome and contacts an associate named Pavel (Johan Leysen). Pavel insists that Jack cannot stay in Rome, gives him the keys to a Fiat Tempra and sends him to Castelvecchio, a small town in the mountains of Abruzzo. Pavel tells him "Don't make any friends, Jack... you used to know that," blaming Jack's recent loneliness and vulnerability to his last assassination attempt. Jack becomes...
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