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John Mitchell 4 years ago
Starts off intriguingly, then tries to get too clever.
janvanham over 4 years ago
Damian Campo 5 years ago
Movie where characters are confined in a room finding out an answer for a job position.
Thomas Waterman 7 years ago
good to see & thrilling not rewatchable, but a good first watch for sure.
Alexandre Brisson 7 years ago
Love these kind of thrillers You have to solve the puzzle before the movie ends. Good luck
Grant davies over 7 years ago
Keeps you guessing until the end. Well worth the watch
Ricky Bobby over 7 years ago
Henry Cropper over 7 years ago
Thought this movie had a lot going for it ...great Satarday night movie
Dylan Evans over 7 years ago
An interesting premise, brought down by some convoluted ideas.
Sagie Gutin almost 8 years ago
Doesn't go as deep as expected. The twists are unexpected, the overall performance is OK.
Sydney Shaw almost 8 years ago
A scary film that isn't a horror movie. It's okay if you want a load of tension.
Kraig Brachman almost 8 years ago
Good Indy movie with a twist ending. Slow, only has one set piece. Acting keeps it alive
Charlie 8 years ago
Kept me guessing but the ending was very hard to follow. Definitely enjoyable though!
Nacho Pulido Llamas 8 years ago
very entertaining, but with some flaws in the plot.
tamuna eristavi almost 3 years ago
Sandra Padilla over 3 years ago
Káťa Vítová over 3 years ago
Tamuna Eristavi over 3 years ago
mariia over 3 years ago
sC almost 4 years ago
Exam is a British thriller film written by Simon Garrity and Stuart Hazeldine, directed by Stuart Hazeldine and starring Colin Salmon, Jimi Mistry, Luke Mably, Chuk Iwuji, and Nathalie Cox. Eight talented candidates have an examination to join a mysterious corporation. Entering a windowless room, an Invigilator gives them eighty minutes to answer one question. He outlines three rules they must obey or be disqualified: to not talk to him or the armed guard by the door, to not spoil their papers, and not to leave the room for any reason. After asking if there are any questions, he starts the clock and leaves. The candidates turn over their question papers, to find they're completely blank. One frustrated candidate writes 'I believe I deserve...' and is promptly ejected by the guard for spoiling her paper. One of the candidates points out that it's not what the Invigilator said in his opening statement that counts, but what he didn't say. Thus, he determines not only that the applicants...
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