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Yalini over 1 year ago
Very cute
Phetcharat over 3 years ago
Maria Ivanova over 4 years ago
Adorable piece of art. <3 The end is not your typical "animated movie" style.
Matheus Yamashita Dos Santos over 5 years ago
I loved it. Such an amazing adventure.
Michael Cole almost 6 years ago
Beautiful as always, another good family film from Studio Ghibli.
Sara Gros 6 years ago
Simple lovely story. Absolutely love the animation and music.
William Fenton over 6 years ago
Ghibli in European mode is less satisfying than when they deal with Nippon life.
Griffin Maurer over 6 years ago
Well animated, but it doesn't come close to the fantastic worlds created in the past.
Asif F. over 6 years ago
a simple story, beautifully animated and easy to watch. good for family
Tri Nguyen over 6 years ago
So good but too short. Should have been longer
Arthur Rabinovich 7 years ago
Not super original. But done really well
Beverly García over 7 years ago
Loved this film i really loved the story!!
Shaynie Florentino over 7 years ago
I like the movie's pace; not too slow, not too fast. All the characters are well-created.
Kakra over 7 years ago
Peter Renshaw over 7 years ago
'Human beings are dangerous. If we're seen, we have to leave. My parents said so.''
Alfonso Flores over 7 years ago
A simple story filled with brilliant art work and animation simply crafted very well.
Randi Steers over 7 years ago
Visually rich with spectacular sound; an animated masterpiece.
Renard Bansale over 7 years ago
A simple, blissful tale with striking animation and an impressive pro-family message.
Katherine Maradiaga over 7 years ago
I thought it would be more adventurous, so the ending disappointed a bit. Is what it is.
William Soares over 7 years ago
A great movie; Flawless animation and scenarios. History's great but I didn't like the end
The Secret World of Arrietty, known in Japan as The Borrower Arrietty (借りぐらしのアリエッティ, Kari-gurashi no Arietti) and in the UK as Arrietty, is a 2010 Japanese animated fantasy film based on Mary Norton's juvenile fantasy novel The Borrowers. The film was directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, written by Hayao Miyazaki and Keiko Niwa, and stars the voices of Mirai Shida as the titular character, Ryunosuke Kamiki as Sho, and Tatsuya Fujiwara as Spiller. The film tells the story of Arrietty, a young Borrower who lives under the floorboards of a typical household. She eventually befriends Sho, a human boy with a heart condition since birth who is living with his great aunt Sadako. When Sadako's maid Haru becomes suspicious of the floorboard's disturbance, Arrietty and her family must escape detection, even if it means leaving their beloved home. Ghibli announced the film in late 2009 with Yonebayashi making his directorial debut as the youngest director of a Ghibli film. Miyazaki supervised the...
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