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Aaron Jones over 1 year ago
An interesting companion to Lost in Translation. I'd call this Akerman-esque, almost.
Silvie 3 years ago
I like Sofia Coppola's style and this movie did not disappoint.
Justin L. Clemons 6 years ago
Slow pace, slice of life movie.
Robyn Hamilton 6 years ago
Slow melancholic mood piece.
Jonathan Sundqvist 6 years ago
This movie feels like a postcard, you could just leave it on in the background.
emilio murillo 7 years ago
This one, as most Sofia Coppola's films, is subtly moving with a daintily flowing story.
Camille Lévesque over 7 years ago
Don't let the trailer fool you, this movie is not subtle nor cute, it's boring.
Ed Wong over 7 years ago
I'm *still* waiting for something…anything, to happen.
David-Alexandre Sobal over 7 years ago
Really bad movie. Nothing happens. The main character is a douche
Bevan Clark 8 years ago
spent and hour and a half waiting for something to happen...ill never get that time back
Olivia Lorscheid over 1 year ago
Itzel Amieva over 2 years ago
Anika Cooke over 3 years ago
Vicky 4 years ago
Nicolas Baña almost 5 years ago
Léa Vicente 5 years ago
Nicole McKeon 5 years ago
Anna Platschek over 5 years ago
Somewhere is a 2010 American drama film that was written and directed by Sofia Coppola. The film follows Johnny Marco, a newly famous actor, as he recuperates from a minor injury at the Chateau Marmont, a well-known Hollywood retreat. Despite money, fame and professional success, Marco is trapped in an existential crisis and feels little emotion during his daily life. When his ex-wife suffers an unexplained breakdown and goes away, she leaves Cleo, their 11-year-old daughter, with him. They spend time together; her presence helps Marco mature and accept adult responsibility. The film explores ennui among Hollywood stars, the father-daughter relationship and offers an oblique comedy of show business, particularly Hollywood film-making and the life of a "star". Somewhere was first shown at the 67th Venice International Film Festival where it received the Golden Lion award for best picture. Critical opinion was mixed to positive. Reviewers praised the patience of the visual style and the...
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