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New Feature: Get Notified When Friends Rate & Queue Films Based on Your Activity

Here at Goodfilms, we’ve always believed a couple of things about films ratings. The first, the obvious one, is that ordinary rating scales are broken. The second, which is just as big an influence on us, but that we write about less often, is that how you hear about a film (and from whom) matters a lot.

We’ve been recording the way people interact with films after their friends for a little while now, and it’s been amazing to watch. We can draw little “family trees” of who originally reviewed a film, then which of their friends rated it next, and then which of their friends rate it. It’s like watching our own little zombie outbreak inside the computers. Once we’ve collated a bit more data, we’ll write a blog post about some of the interesting ways different films move through social groups.

In the mean time, we thought we’d set something up so you can know when you’re influencing your friends’ behaivour on the site with a set of emails that look a bit like this:

Goodfilms Queue Email

These emails trigger when anyone directly interacts with one of your ratings, or films in your queue. We’ve set it up with some time blocking code, so don’t worry about getting spammed with heaps of these emails if a friend goes and rates 100 films straight from your activity page. We’ve had these emails set up for us on the team and our friends for a while now, and it’s a lot of fun knowing who is doing things on the site directly because of your activity.

We’ll be turning these on gradually for everyone in small blocks over the next few days. In conjunction with these new emails, we’ve put together a more detailed user settings page which will allow you to opt out of emails with more granularity. You’ll find it under the “Me” menu when you’re logged in, and the email bit will look a bit like this:

Goodfilms Queue Email

We hope you all have as much fun with these emails as we’ve been having. What would you guys think if we put together a leaderboard of who was most influential amongst your group of friends? Good idea, or would you all get too competitive?