Bad films are bad

which is why there's

Why Goodfilms?

You may be asking yourself, why does Goodfilms exist? Aren’t there plenty of sites about movies already? Do we really need another one?

Well yes, there are quite a few already. But they’re all, at least a little bit, balls.

The problem

How do I choose something I’ll enjoy?

We’re already have ways of choosing what to watch. You might have a few critics or blogs who you find you have an affinity with, and you watch whatever they recommend. You might trust an aggregate score, believing that what works for most people will work for you. Or, you might watch trailers and base your decision on the number of explosions or how dramatic the voiceover guy is.

And that might be working well for you already. Or you could be regularly watching duds. Either way, I think Goodfilms can do better.

A laughable claim, Mr Bond.

I wonder if you’ve ever heard one of your friends say something like:

Wait, you’ve never seen The Usual Suspects? You have to. As in, take the afternoon off and watch it.

Don’t ever watch the Matrix sequels. In fact, they don’t even exist.

Transformers 3 was, without a doubt, the worst example of filmmaking I’ve ever witnessed. But, it’s got giant robots punching each other, so… you’d probably like it.

Yes? No? Well, maybe you have different friends to me. But that’s ok. In fact, that leads neatly into my point:

Want to know what you’ll like? Ask your friends.

And that’s why Goodfilms exists:

Goodfilms puts your friends’ opinions ahead of those of strangers. It lets you record which films were compelling and which were forgettable, lets you separate the inexplicably enjoyable from the intellectually insulting. And the result?

A better way to discover and remember films you’ll enjoy.

So sign up!